The Online Antenna Database Design Tool for Broadcast Engineers & Consultants
AntennaSelect™ is an online e-commerce DTV Broadcast Antenna database and design tool. AntennaSelect™ was designed and compiled
by Micronetixx Communications, LLC in Lewiston, Maine, USA. This innovative multi-GUI-driven design program allows Broadcast Engineers
and Technical Consultants to access the vast Micronetixx Communications Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Pattern Database, including special
or custom non-standard patterns. The Design Tools in AntennaSelect™ are designed to save Consultants and Engineers hours of time in
preparing Antenna System Designs for FCC applications. AntennaSelect™ uses the Engineer's or Consultant’s email address and self selected
password for login.

AntennaSelect™ has some innovative new tools that allow the Engineering Consultant to more quickly design an optimized antenna system.
Here are some of the main features:

Antenna Design Scratchpad   •  Antenna System Designer  •  Antenna Power Worksheet   •  Quick-Calc "What if?" Calculator  •  and More!
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