DL Series UHF (Band IV) Top Mount Slot Antennas
Micronetixx Communications offers a complete line of top mounted
UHF slot antennas available from 400 to 800MHz (Band IV). The
three base DL series models have power input ranges from 10 to
65kW average power. The DL series antennas are true center fed
to provide the lowest group delay characteristics, and to provide a
flat low V.S.W.R. profile over a 6 or 8 MHz band. Dual channel
versions are available. The antennas are built in two bay increments, allowing you to get the exact elevation gain you need. Each antenna
is custom built to the beam tilt and null fill specifications needed to
ensure the best coverage. A wide range of azimuth patterns available,
along with the choice of elliptical, circular, or horizontal polarization.

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