Broadcast Antenna Systems:

Micronetixx -Broadcast Transmission Antennas: ...The Finest in the World.

Micronetixx Communications builds a complete line of UHF and VHF DTV and FM Radio Transmitting Antennas. With the new developments in ATSC 3.0 / ATSC-M/H DTV, we offer specialized UHF & VHF Slot, Batwing as well as FM Radio Antennas. Our low RFR antennas are extremely popular, allowing antenna mounting on rooftops and on short towers. We also offer low RFR VHF slot antennas, with Horizontal, Elliptical or Circular Polarization. We have re-engineered the classic VHF batwing antenna and now offer low RFR scaled-to-channel antennas. Scaled-to-channel antennas can greatly reduce tower loads and offer a broader main signal beam. Whether you are looking for a new antenna to enhance ATSC-M/H coverage for your station, or designing a new 700 MHz mobile TV network, we will design an antenna to maximize your coverage. If you are looking at Digital Translators, we can provide you with a low cost custom solution there as well.

We look forward to the possible privilege of working with you!